Heated Grace Lone Worker MS2000X


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Canadian UL Inspection Is Required for Shipping to Canada

Failure to Select Canadian UL Compliance Will Delay Shipment to Canada as Our Sales Team Will Have to Contact You For Authorization of Additional Charges Related to the Canadian UL Inspection.


Grace Lone Worker MS2000X-D

General Description:

The MS2000X Safety Monitor is used to notify others of a worker in distress. Capable of monitoring all Grace Worker worn devices, including all models of the TPASS®3 and SC500. The MS2000X is equipped with a light-siren, battery back-up, custom inputs and outputs, and functions as a Grace signal repeater.

The MS2000X includes a dialer port connection for use with an optional Automatic Telephone Dialer-ATD (sold separately) which can be connected to dial up to eight telephone numbers and alert the caller with a custom user recorded message.

MADE IN USA - Build and configure your own package of MS2000X-D, SC500-SM, SC500-LW, TPASS®3, TPASS AM, and Grace Locator Beacons. The MS2000X Can Be Used With The Supervisor Package and Buddy Package


NOTE: This is a custom built system. We will contact you with lead time and estimated ship dates.


MS2000X Safety Monitor features:


  • Receives Panic Alarms from all other Grace devices with a loud audible and visual alert signal

  • Receives Evacuation, Panic, and Canned Message Commands from other Grace devices providing a relay output to drive external horn and strobe or other external notification systems

  • Two Inputs to initiate a local Evacuation Command and Panic Alarm and transmit Over-the-Air- OTA to other Grace devices

  • Two Output relays when receiving Over-the-Air- OTA Panic and Evacuation.

  • Heated enclosure for environments below 32°F/0°C

  • Automatic Telephone Dialer- optional

  • Canadian UL Compliance - required if shipping to Canada

  • No Monthly Fees

  • Intrinsically Safe

  • Extremely Rugged

  • Modular Design

  • Interface With Your Existing Alarms

  • Interface With Your Telematics System

  • Interface with SCADA

  • No Reliance on the Internet

  • No Reliance on Cellular Systems

  • No Cell Phone Required

  • No Monthly Fees


Video: http://graceloneworker.com/MS2000X.mp4