Grace Lone Worker TPASS®3 AM Buddy System Package

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Grace Lone Worker TPASS®3 AM Buddy System Package- TP3-H-AM-BUDDY

General Description:

It is simple, when one TPASS®3 AM goes into alarm, the other TPASS®3 AM will alert. 

  • Intrinsically Safe for hazardous atmospheres and extremely rugged for harsh environments.

MADE IN USA - Configure your own package of (2) two TPASS® AM Wireless Monitoring Devices designed to monitor the each other’s alarm status.

NOTE: This is a custom built system. We will contact you with lead time and estimated ship dates.

 When ordering select:

  • Activation Type
  • Manual or Automatic Activation
    • If Automatic Activation is selected, select desired Motion Timing 60, 90, or 120 seconds
  • Charger Type - 120VAC, 12VDC, or International Voltage

Activation Type

Automatically powers on by removing the Accountability Key; Powering the TPASS®3 AM off requires the key to be re-affixed; this prevents accidental or intentional disabling.

  • 40 hours of operation with a full charge
  • 4-6 hours of operation in full alarm
  • 6-8 hours to full recharge

Alarm Activation Type

Two methods of Alarm Activation:

1. Manual Activation from front panic button

2. Motion Sensing with 90 second (default timing)


(Motion timing cannot be changed in the field, requires a return the factory and a reprogramming fee $150 each)


Detailed Description

The TPASS®3 AM alarm monitoring model can be used in other configurations with additional Grace devices.  While it will monitor alarms from any other Grace device, it is not capable of discerning who is in alarm.  If you want to expand your system to be used with multiple workers, a SC500-SM Supervisors model can be used to identify multiple users.

Please refer to our Supervisors package video for additional information.

Auto Activation

The TPASS®3 AM is automatically powered on when the Accountability Key is removed. The TPASS®3 AM auto activation model cannot be powered off until the key is re-affixed and manually powered off. The TPASS®3 AM is also offered in a manual activation model that does not require an Accountability Key to power off.

Motion Timing

Motion timing on the TPASS®3 AM works like this, when the TPASS®3 AM is motionless, a timer begins to count-down from a factory default of 90 seconds; until the user moves and resets the timer.

If the timer is allowed to count- down to ~15 seconds, the device will go into pre-alert which prompts the user to move. If the user does not move, the timer will continue to count down to zero seconds; it is then that the TPASS®3 AM will go into full audio alarm and transmit  the alarm status to the buddy’s TPASS®3 AM.

If other Grace devices are added to the system, they too, will receive the Panic Alarm, those devices include:

  • TPASS®3 AM
  • SC500-SM
  • SC500-LW
  • MS2000X
  • Grace-Watch® Safety Monitor
  • SMS Safety Monitor


It is important to consider motion timing and its practical use in your application.

Motion timing of the TPASS®3 AM  is factory configured and cannot be changed in the field; any changes in motion timing will require the TPASS®3 AM to be returned to the factory and will require a fee of $150 each to reprogram.

It is important to consider motion timing and its practical use in your application. The most common motion time settings are 90 or 120 seconds. The potential for false alarms will increase when using shorter motion time settings. 

The TPASS®3 AM has a very loud audio alarm with a sound pressure rating of 92 dBA.

The TPASS®3 AM are extremely rugged and intrinsically safe.

Rechargeable with 40 hours of use in standby operation

  • 4-6 hours of operation in full alarm
  • 6-8 hours to recharge.
  • Battery charger types available are 120 VAC, 12 VDC, or International Voltages .

This package configuration typically provides outdoor LINE OF SITE COVERAGE up to 1.5 miles


The line of site distance of 1.5 miles was tested over water; when used over land, changes in terrain elevation and foliage will have an effect.

When used indoors, typical indoor performance is 75,000 to 100,000 square feet

Indoor performance is solely dependent upon building construction and layout.

Grace lone Worker system dealers are available across the USA and Canada and are trained and certified to provide on-site surveys and consulting services


This grace system configuration does not have to rely upon a cellular telephone application or cellular telephone system to transmit a lone worker alarm.


This grace system configuration does not have to rely upon the Internet or monitoring from a website.


Grace Lone worker supervisor’s systems provide an immediate notification of a lone worker in distress.


This system is configured to operate without any monthly fees or annual subscriptions


Don’t rely on “check –in” systems, you need a grace lone worker immediate notification system.